MABUTA – Welcome To This World

MABUTA – The Tunnel

Bamako Love Song – solo double bass


Sakura – performed with Skyjack


Blessing – by Bokani Dyer (Shane appears on double bass and electric bass)

Dream State – by Kyle Shepherd Trio (Shane appears on double bass)

Shane Cooper, Nils Berg (The Stoner, Cinemascope), Reza Khota, Jonno Sweetman live bootleg

Reza Khota Quartet live bootleg



Shane Cooper Quintet

An excerpt from the album ‘Oscillations’

Impala Parlour / Journey To Life by Card On Spokes


Shadowplay from the album Oscillations



Reza Khota Quartet – Last Life In The Universe (Shane appears on double bass)


The Restless Natives
A quintet that Shane played and wrote music with for 4 years in Cape Town
Kesivan Naidoo – drums
Lee Thomson – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jason Reolon – piano, keys
Chris Engel – saxophones
Shane Cooper – basses

Indian Fusion Quartet
Reza Khota – guitar
Kesivan Naidoo – drums
Ronan Skillen – tabla, percussion and didgeridoo
Shane Cooper – basses


Card On Spokes