The new Shane Cooper & MABUTA album Finish The Sun – out now!

The brand new album Finish The Sun by Shane Cooper & MABUTA is out now! Released digitally in May 2022 on Dox Records.  The vinyl copies have also now dropped within South Africa on Shane’s very own label Kujua Records. The LP’s will arrive in international stores in July. For those outside of South Africa you can Pre-Order your LP from Rush Hour (based in Amsterdam) – they ship internationally. Alternatively you can ask your local record dealer to bring some in from Rush Hour.  For those within South Africa, you can order directly from the following stores: The Other Records, Voom Voom Records, Khaya Records.  Stock will also be with Mr Vinyl, and Roastin’ Records soon…

Shane and MABUTA announce new album and signing to Dox Records

Shane is releasing his second album with MABUTA called ‘Finish The Sun’ on 13 May ’22 with Dutch label Dox Records.

It’s an 8 track LP with the original members Bokani Dyer, Sisonke Xonti, and Robin Fassie, as well as a host of international guests including: Arthur Hnatek, Jamie Peet, Mario Hanni, Christopher Cantillo and more!

You can pre-order the digital release on Bandcamp here:

There will be a vinyl release as well, and pre-orders will open up soon. Watch Shane and MABUTA’s instagram pages for updates on that.

New vinyl release of HAPPENSTANCE EP01 and EP02 with Kit Records

Very happily announcing the release of HAPPENSTANCE Episode 01 STATIC and Episode 02 SKINS on the UK-based Kit Records. You can purchase here:






“We’re extremely proud to present HAPPENSTANCE, a sprawling jazz concrète project produced by Johannesburg composer and double bass player Shane Cooper. Approached in 2020 by interdisciplinary arts space The Centre for the Less Good Idea to create audio work, Cooper drew on his network in the thriving South African jazz scene, bringing in Bokani Dyer (piano), Cara Stacey (bows), Daliwonga Tshangela (cello), Gontse Makhene (percussion), Jonno Sweetman (percussion) and Micca Manganye (percussion).

Two days of free-flowing composition, improvisation and investigative recording followed, with the results captured on a vintage reel-to-reel tape machine. This tape was fractured and reassembled by Cooper, bringing into surreal focus tiny ecosystems of sound, like curls of static clasped from the air and brought under the magnifying glass. The results – two long, standalone pieces – are dizzying, weightless; musique concrète melding with jazz-schooled virtuosity in a dubbed out bricolage of interludes and u-turns. Micro universes in sound.

Recommended for fans of Burial, Halim El-Dabh and everything in between.”

released April 26, 2021


Bokani Dyer – piano, composition.
Cara Stacey – umtshingo, umrhubhe, nyunga-nyunga, piano, composition.
Daliwonga Tshangela – cello, composition.
Shane Cooper – basses, synths, rhodes, guitar, composition, production, recording, mixing.
Assistant recording engineer – Zain Vally.


Gontse Makhene – percussion, composition.
Micca Manganye – percussion, composition.
Jonno Sweetman – percussion, composition.
Shane Cooper – basses, body percussion, composition, production, recording, mixing.
Assistant recording engineer – Zain Vally.

All photographs by Zivanai Matangi.

Incubated and Commissioned by | The Centre for the Less Good Idea
Founder & Co-Director of the Board | William Kentridge
Founding Animateur & Co-Director of the Board | Bronwyn Lace
Animateur for the Centre | Phala Ookeditse Phala

Artwork by Sam Bristow. Vinyl mastered by Sam Annand.

HAPPENSTANCE – created for the Centre For The Less Good Idea

photo by Zivanai Matangi

Towards the end of 2020 Shane was commissioned by the Centre For The Less Good Idea to create the episodic sound journey called HAPPENSTANCE. It features a variety of incredible guest artists including Bokani Dyer, Zoe Modiga, Sakhile Moleshe, Jonno Sweetman, Zayaan Khan and many more.

Each episode is unique, while being tied to the others conceptually. They range in length and are best experienced on headphones or good speakers (not laptop or phone speakers). The core recordings were done on a Nagra IV-S tape machine from the 1970s.  See below for the episode links:





(Do subscribe to the YouTube channel of the Centre For The Less Good Idea for more exciting content)

by Zivanai Matangi

Shane launches a Patreon page

Shane Cooper has just launched a Patreon page.  Through this platform patrons can gain access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, online lessons in bass and composition/production, pre-release listens to new music, and much more!  For the music fan, and the music practitioner alike. Checkout the video below and visit the page here 

MABUTA Remixes out now!

In February the Remixes album of MABUTA’s Welcome To This World was released.  It features Slugabed (Ninja Tune), Daedelus (Brainfeeder), Kid Fonque and D-Malice aka rkls, Jazzuelle, Gourmet, Mac Motel, and yours truly Card On Spokes.  It is available to stream on all digital platforms, as well as on bandcamp.  You can also get yourself a 12″ LP edition from Roastin’ Records HERE.

Cover art by Melissa Jarram.

MABUTA 2xLP vinyl edition out now!

The  MABUTA double LP vinyl edition of ‘Welcome To This World’ has just been released on legendary South African label Afrosynth Records and is distributed by Rush Hour.  You can order your copy from Rush Hour HERE

“This debut from MABUTA is a nice example of how doing something a little bit different doesn’t necessarily have to be an obstacle to creating supremely embraceable music.  The sextet’s mix of South African jazz and contemporary electronic music is all kinds of friendly and forges a strong connection, even as it simultaneously creates an environment that sparks an introspective reaction.” – Bird is the Worm

 “Shane Cooper and his many incarnations will always offer the freshest air for your lungs, the awakening your mind has been craving and sustenance for your soul. The MABUTA collective has released a mesmerizing album, timeless and challenging all at once. You’ll have this on repeat for a while and return to it often.” – Texx and The City

You can buy/stream the digital version on all the best platforms, including bandcamp: