Shane has written and produced music for a number of films for cinema and television, as well as theatre including:

Noem My Skollie (2016) feature film [co-produced the recording of orchestra score by Kyle Shepherd]

Orbis (2014) film directed by Simon Wood

Port Nolloth – Between a Rock and a Hard Place (2012) film directed by Felix Seuffert

Celia’s Story (2012) film directed by Ruth Levin-Vorster (part of GIPCA project)

Forerunners (2011) film directed by Simon Wood (Dikalo Jury Award at the PanAfrican Film Festival in Cannes and Best Cinematography at the United Nations Film Festival in San Francisco)

Visa Vie (2010) film directed by Elan Gamaker (co-composed with the Restless Natives) (2011 SAFTA for Best Music Composition in a Feature Film)

Afrikaaps (2010) theatre production directed by Catherine Henegan

Afrikaaps (2010) documentary film directed by Dylan Valley (co-composed with cast of Afrikaaps) (2011 Cape Winelands Film Festival award for The Best South African Documentary)